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Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines serve as a comprehensive reference to ensure that our brand is represented consistently across all platforms. They cover everything from logo usage and color palettes to typography and tone of voice.

Clurebyte Logos

Download high-resolution Clurebyte logos in various formats (PNG, SVG) for seamless integration.

Clurebyte Blue Logo
Clurebyte Black Logo
Clurebyte White Logo
Clurebyte Letter Logo White
Clurebyte Letter Logo White
Clurebyte Letter Logo Blue

Color Palette

Discover the vibrant hues that embody the Clurebyte spirit – primary and secondary colors for consistent brand expression.


HEX: 0054AD

RGB: 0,84,173


HEX: 000000

RGB: 0,0,0



RGB: 255,255,255

Silver Blue


RGB: 204,221,239


Uncover the fonts that give voice to Clurebyte – learn how to use Inter for clear and impactful communication.

Font: Inter

Family: sans-serif

License: Open Source

Paragraph, 16px

Paragraph, 13px

Heading 1, 30px

Heading 2, 23px

Heading 3, 20px

Normal paragraph, 16px

Small paragraph, 13px

Co-Branding Guidelines

Partner seamlessly with Clurebyte – follow our recommendations for harmonious logo combinations.


When integrating the Clurebyte emblem with another symbol, please adhere to the following recommendations to maintain a harmonious and visually pleasing amalgamation:

Separator line:

Incorporate a slender dividing line that is 130% larger than the height of the Clurebyte Logo when combining it with another Logo. This practice ensures appropriate segregation and prevents visual discord

Uniform spacing:

Sustain consistent space surrounding the Clurebyte logo, mirroring the emblem's height. This promotes a well-proportioned and symmetrical co-branded presentation.

Clurebyte co-branding logo spacing
Clurebyte brand guides

Usage Guidelines

At Clurebyte, we take our branding and intellectual property seriously. Please adhere to the following guidelines when using our name, logos, or symbols:

When advertising Clurebyte, our products, and services, ensure that the information is accurate, truthful, and compliant with all applicable laws, municipal ordinances, and administrative agency regulations in your country.

Our name and logos should not be associated with objectionable material, including defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or similarly objectionable content.

If you intend to use our name, logos, or symbols for decorative purposes in marketing collateral, packaging, or on your website, please obtain express written permission from Clurebyte.

Meaning of Clurebyte

Learn about Clurebyte, a name that transcends mere syllables, embodying a profound philosophy of data integrity.

Clurebyte is the bridge between uncertainty and confidence in the cloud.

It's the unwavering commitment that transforms fleeting promises into a tangible reality of data security and reliability.

Meaning of Clurebyte goes beyond only technology world.

It's a symbol of trust, a testament to the value placed on your data.